Perfect Scars

Announced by Independent Publisher – IP – is 2013 Independent Spirit Award to the book Perfect Scars – An Exploration of the Emotional and Physical Impact of Breast Cancer, by Beverly Corlett, Jill Lacina, and Rosemary Paul (The Perfect Scar Group)

“Perfect Scars – is a book of inspiring stories that addresses negative perceptions that often surround breast cancer and associated surgeries of mastectomy and breast reconstruction.

Following her own recovery from radical breast cancer, Rosemary Paul spoke with Device Technologies CEO, Peter Ord, about the plans and aspirations for the book. Peter was quick to commit Device Technologies sponsorship, especially in light of the positive messages the authors wished to convey and because sales profits would go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Perfect Scars was launched in October 2012 and is a beautifully produced book. It includes creative photo illustrations and genuinely warming stories from twenty inspirational women and one man (yes, breast cancer affects about one percent of men too). The stories and surgeries are all different and the aim of the authors, Rosemary Paul (Lymphatic Therapist), Beverley Corlett (Master of Psychology) and Jill Lacina (Fine Art portrait photographer), is to help others to “find peace and acceptance during transformative periods”.

Device Technologies is proud to be involved in so many areas of healthcare, especially where patients are afflicted with life-threatening diseases such as cancer. We firmly believe that people have better lives because of what we do and are pleased to be associated with this inspiring collection of stories about some of the beautiful women who have survived their ordeal with breast cancer and transformed themselves through breast reconstruction surgery.

Books ($40.00) are available for purchase online at with all profits donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to assist in research for the prevention and cure of breast cancer.