Advanced Skin Technology

Established in 1994, Advanced Skin Technology is committed to sourcing and providing the most technologically advanced pre and post surgical products and treatments available worldwide in the Australian medical market.

Advanced Skin Technology is currently the leading provider of clinical skincare products and treatments within the medical cosmetic market in Australia, and has a wide client base from Australia to New Zealand with further expansion underway.

Our objective is to develop a close personal relationship with our clients in order to provide the best possible customer service and to support the growth and development of the Australian medical skin care industry, particularly in the plastic surgery and dermatology arenas.



Biomedex is the wholesale arm of Device Technologies bringing product and technologies to third party distributors in General Practice, Dental, Vet, Podiatry, Aged Care and Home Care. Biomedex also provides the relevant training to the distributor sales force to best represent our products to the end users. This has been widely accepted and appreciated  country wide across both Australia and New Zealand elevating us to benchmark status in many of our specialities e.g. Bench top Sterilization/ Spirometry/ ECG/ Defibrillation/ to name a few.


Mobilis Medical

Mobilis Medical is a strategic alliance between Device Technologies and OPEC Systems that combines the latest shelter and remote infrastructure innovations with leading edge medical equipment and consumables.

Mobilis Medical can supply a variety of portable medical facilities from small mobile clinics through to large field hospitals to provide durable, self contained, climate controlled and clean environments for practising advanced level medical care at the point of need.


SaniWaste – Infection Management Services

SaniWaste’s is pleased to announce the expansion of the new Curas range of Nursing Hygiene Pulp  as it provides many benefits to healthcare workers and patients throughout Australia. The major emphasis is on breaking the infection cycle and used as part of the daily nursing routine, the new Curas range of Nursing Hygiene Pulp provides improved standards of healthcare to patient and nursing staff and also, helps to eliminate HAIs (Hospital Acquired Infections) including VRE and MRSA.

In addition, Saniwaste, offers an environmentally friendly, sanitary waste disposal system which is fast, efficient and hygienic. The three different models are designed to cut unpleasant duties and dramatically reduce cross infection transferred via the use plastic and steel bedpans and urine bottles. The Saniwaste Macerators can be used in conjunction with the new Curas range of Nursing Hygiene Pulp.