Ruth Roberts, Business Development Manager at Device Technologies, is donating an Olympus portable microscope with accessories, for much needed pathology services in the PNG region. Upon hearing a moving speech from Delene Evans at the recent MTAA conference dinner and learning that the one and only microscope servicing the ADI initiative  was broken, Ruth went home and extracted her much loved microscope, that was a gift from her parents upon completion of her Microbiology degree, for better purposes.

Delene Evans is General Manager of the ADI (Australian Doctors International) group which is a not-for-profit, non-government healthcare and development aid organization servicing rural communities in Papua New Guinea. They rely heavily on private donations and voluntary help in order to combat the deteriorating health system and the prevalence of preventable and treatable life threatening diseases. PNG is Australia’s closed neighbour and it is appalling to think that they have such substandard medical conditions.

“Hopefully the microscope will assist the ADI medical staff by  providing a much needed tool for blood and tissue specimen pathology. It would be so helpful if other people with medical equipment languishing at home or work were also able to donate much needed technologies to better serve the PNG community” said Ruth at the presentation.

Contact details for donations or voluntary assistance are or phone +61 2 99760112