Device Technologies recently unveiled the arrival of TOPCON’s new Swept Source DRI OCT Triton.

Heralded as the new dimension in optical coherence tomography, the Triton is the first commercially available posterior ‘Swept Source’ OCT unit with combined anterior scan capability which allows deeper penetration of ophthalmic structures.

The ‘next generation in the evolution of OCTs’, then Tritons 1050nm longer wavelength of light allows the DRI OCT Triton to reveal posterior segment structures previously invisible to conventional forms of OCT. The scans penetrate ocular tissues such as the choroid and even the sclera, without the light source being obscured by cataracts or other media opacities like a haemorrhage.

Capturing at 100,000 A-Scans per second and at 1050nm wavelength, the greater signal penetration is greater through the RPE. The Triton also offers full choroidal thickness mapping and coronal imagery to a digital resolution of one micron. A normative database is included to support confident diagnosis.

Further, the wide field scanning (12 x 9mm) allows automated mapping and illustration of both the macula and optic disc topography in a single scan, allowing segmentation of the retina, ganglion cell complex and the RPE, a feature that could, potentially, halve the number of scans the patient requires.

The Swept Source OCT is combined with high definition True Colour Fundus camera with pin point registration of the Oct scan so it can displays high resolution fundus images with clear retinal vessels and macular mapping. Autofluorescence and Fluorescene Angiography are also available.

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