Device Technologies along with the subsidiary company Saniwaste were one of a number of companies and non-profit organisations that made a generous donation of funds to provide aid for the poverty stricken people of Madagascar.

The total amount of funds donated by all the organisations (including Device technologies’ donation) equated to $35,000 and with the assistance of a Malagasy Non-Government Aid Organisation, volunteers were able to provide aid to the homeless, orphans and street women in the area.

The people of Madagascar are facing devastating poverty pertaining to sanitation, lack of medical and educational assistance, as well as a lack of work related equipment for the community. Therefore, these much needed funds were able to provide some relief for the people in the community just like the children depicted in the picture above.

Some of the relief was used to purchase hygiene packs to prevent the contamination and spread of disease, as well as a range of work related equipment such as a motor vehicle, sewing machines, and construction equipment to assist the people of Madagascar to sustain a living within their community.