Upcoming Seminar on Perioperative and Effective Temperature Management by Dr Andrew Melling, Northumbria University UK.

Brisbane – Tuesday 15th September 2015
Melbourne – Wednesday 16th September 2015
Sydney – Thursday 17th September 2015

Dr Andrew Melling explores the latest guidelines for effective temperature management of surgical patients; alongside a review of the current evidence base. 

The potential benefits of patient warming will be examined, including: 

  • Reduced blood loss
  • Fewer myocardial events
  • Reduced post-operative shivering and pain 
  • Reduced length of stay

His presentation on the impact of Surgical Site Infection on the patient, will focus on the interaction between temperature, tissue perfusion, immunity and wound healing. 

Dr Melling will also discuss how effective temperature management, including pre-warming, can improve surgical outcomes, for reduced infection rates and postoperative pain.

Seats are limited at each venue and filling fast.

RSVP by Wednesday 2nd September to gtodd@device.com.au