Developing, Designing & Printing of Marketing Materials

Marketing Services can be your First Choice when there is a need for marketing material to promote, educate or provide a service for a customer. All materials are worded, designed and produced in-house, using the latest graphic software.

Website Development & Maintenance

The Device Technologies’ website, is a fully functional interactive website and is managed and is maintained in-house. We encourage customers to use the website, read on-line updates regularly and let us know what other information would be useful for them.

You can contact Marketing Services on with industry news, information and suggestions. You can also email to obtain information on any of our products or services.

Journal / Clinical / Library Management

Device Technologies subscribes to over 27 industry journals and newsletters. These are distributed throughout the organisation to ensure that personnel are kept up-to-date with the latest in medical news, specialty trends and clinical information.

Marketing Services maintains a reference library of journals and product brochures and catalogues by Specialty.

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