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  • ECG Management Solution: A secure web bases reporting platform for customers, provides a centralised diagnostic system allowing direct, rapid & flexible data at your fingertips
  • Holter Managed Solution: The PocketECG is a state of art technology that combines the accuracy of full Holter analysis and the interactivity of hospital telemetry at a patients home, in REAL-TIME

PocketECG Key Features:

A breakthrough in ECG analysis and new way of performing a Holter. It’s a complete Holter device, operating in REAL-TIME, slashing report turnaround time and alerting you of any major episodes as they occur. It’s the leading cardiac monitoring technology, user friendly and reliable.

  • ECG data is transmitted in real-time, using mobile telemetry, directly from the patient to the cardiac monitoring centre>> improved patient monitoring and doctors notified of any critical events
  • Continuous monitoring & transmission, this is the only out-patient monitoring system that streams the entire ECG >> all data is captured providing improved diagnosis
  • Patients can log symptoms directly into the device>> no need for paper diaries
  • web-based platform >> accessible anytime, anywhere

ECG Management Solution Key Benefits:

  • Carts fully serviced and maintained by Device Solutions >> easy no mess no fuss servicing and no down time when repair needed
  • Capture all ECGs done across the hospital >> increase in revenue
  • Centralised diagnostic system allowing direct, rapid and flexible data at your fingertips >> ease of use and accessibility for reporting cardiologists
  • Customisable application to tailor for specific requirements and user preferences

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