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Finceramica, created in 1992 as a spin-off from the Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics, is now an integrated company which develops, produces and markets innovative therapeutic solutions in the biomedical field.

Finceramica represents the crossover point between the thousand-year evolution of ceramic processes and the innovation in biomaterials, in biosciences and in regenerative surgery.

SINTlife Paste, Putty and Granules are synthetic fully resorbable grafts made of magnesium substituted hydroxyapatite nano-crystals.

Mimicking nature, magnesium ions are introduced into apatite crystal cells replicating the same positioning and composition as found in the mineral phase of human bone, making this the obvious formula for bone regeneration.

ENGIpore is an innovative porous hydroxyapatite biomaterial with a trabecular structure similar to that of natural bone. It is a ready available bone graft, manufactured to a highly controlled specification and free of disease transmission risk.

Different shapes have been designed to provide surgeons with a full range of products to meet their bone grafting needs.

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