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Pulse Oximeter

Nonin Avant 9700 Advanced Tabletop Pulse Oximeter with Waveform

Tabletop/Portable Digital Pulse Oximeter

The Avant- 9700 Pulse Oximeter combines flexible alarm options, unparalleled non-volatile memory, and Nonin-s time-honored technology to give you an easy-to-use and efficient monitor.

The plethysmographic waveform alters color as a real-time reflection of the patient-s pulse signal quality – alerting you to patient changes. The high-resolution color display compliments the signal quality indicators and LED values.

Pulse Oximeter Product Highlights:

  • Easy-to-Use – Intuitive, color coded displays.
  • Versatile – Monitor neonates to adults; acute care to homecare.
  • Powerful – On-demand printing & minimum 8 hour battery life.
  • Flexible – Patient Security Mode, Nurse Call & User-Defined Defaults.
  • Intelligent – Nonin-s Next Generation PureSAT- signal processing technology.
  • Convenient – Compact, lightweight & durable.
  • Superior Performance – Specified for use in motion and low perfusion environments.

nonin avant 2120 pulse oximeter

Nonin Avant 2120 Pulse Oximeter with Noninvasive Blood Pressure

The Avant 2120 Pulse Oximeter is a multi-purpose device offering both noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP) and proven SpO2 monitoring – all in one compact, lightweight and easy-to-use portable unit. Offering maximum versatility in patient monitoring, the Avant 2120 is designed for effortless mobility – by easily attaching the unit to a rolling stand or simply carrying it with its integrated handle.

Ideal for pediatrics through adults, the 2120 pulse oximeter offers an assortment of Nonin sensors and blood pressure cuff sizes to adapt to each patient application.

Pulse Oximeter Product Highlights:

  • Flexible – Automated & on-demand NIBP measurements.
  • Adjustable Pressure – User or system-defined dynamic inflation pressure.
  • Cost-Effective – Quick on-site user calibration.
  • Efficient – Dual voltage adaptability or battery operation; fast recharge.
  • Comprehensive Data Capture – Ideal for extended monitoring.
  • Superior Performance – Specified for use in motion and low perfusion environments.

Additional Pulse Oximeter Features include:

  • Print capabilities – Allows the user to print data either on-demand or automatically.
  • User-defined alarm defaults – User can establish customized alarm default limits.
  • Updated NIBP module and software – Improved NIBP pump and software provide better performance in motion environments.
  • Updated display software – No more loss of blood pressure data when the unit is turned off.
  • New initial cuff inflation pressure – Allows the user to select initial cuff inflation up to 240 mmHg.
  • New history mode display – Users will now view previously captured pulse, oximetry, and NIBP data on the display while in history mode.
  • New manual and printing instructions/error code card for easy reference.

Additional Pulse Oximeter Accessories include:

  • Avant Series Printer – A lightweight, portable thermal printer with a long-life lithium battery and easy paper loading.
  • Avant Series Pole Clamp – Allows the Avant Models 2120 and 9600 to be mounted on a vertical or a horizontal pole.

nonin avant 9600 pulse oximeter

Nonin Avant 9600 Pulse Oximeter

Tabletop/Portable Digital Pulse Oximeter

The stylish Avant 9600 Pulse Oximeters simple functionality, quick recharge, and extraordinary 115 hours of memory makes it well-suited for a multitude of applications. Incorporating Nonin-s proven digital pulse oximetry, the Avant 9600 offers concise performance combined with rugged durability. The 9600 provides a variety of display indicators to ensure reliable readings for easy patient evaluation. Flexible alarm management options feature locked, latched, unlatched and recall for customisable patient settings.

Pulse Oximeter Product Highlights:

  • Easy-to-Use – Bright LED displays, large display screen allows clear readability from across the room
  • Versatile – Adaptable from Sub-Acute to Emergency Room and everywhere in-between
  • Powerful – Longest memory available for extended monitoring
  • Flexible – Impressive battery life with a quick recharge & convenient AC mains power
  • Intuitive – Three distinct icons offer helpful indications of signal status
  • Convenient – Compact, lightweight & durable
  • Superior Performance – Specified for use in motion and low perfusion environments

nonin 7500FO fibre optic pulse oximeter

Nonin 7500FO Fibre-Optic Pulse Oximeter

Nonin Medical’s 7500FO (fiber optic) tabletop Pulse Oximeter was specifically developed for use in fixed-site or mobile MR facilities for monitoring infant, pediatric and adult patients. With simple toe or finger wrap sensor application, the 7500FO’s compact design, simple functionality, minimum 30-hour battery life, 4-hour quick recharge and minimum 70 hours of memory makes it well suited for MR applications.

Pulse Oximeter Product Highlights:

  • MRI Compatibility – Rated 3.0 tesla
  • Proven – PureSAT® pulse oximetry technology
  • Convenient – Lightweight & compact
  • Easy to Use Bright LED displays and large display screen offer clear readability
  • Durable – Rugged design
  • Powerful – Over 70 hours of memory available for extended monitoring
  • Versatile – Monitors pediatric to adult patients in acute care to homecare environments
  • Flexible – Use as a stand-alone device or interface with other equipment

User-Friendly Pulse Oximeter Interface

The 7500FO provides a variety of display indicators that ensure reliable readings.

  • Pulse Strength Bar Graph – Color coded bar graph assists in assessing the patient’s status. An audible tone sounds with each pulse. The pitch changes with the patient’s saturation level.
  • Pulse Quality Indicator – Detects patient movement or signal quality changes that may require sensor site stabilisation.
  • Sensor Fault Indicator – Indicates when a sensor has become disconnected, misaligned, failed, or is incompatible with the monitor.

A quick and complete assessment of your patient’s Pulse Oximeter readings is made easier with the combination of information supplied by the Pulse Strength Bar Graph, variable pitch pulse/saturation tones and Pulse Quality Indicator.

Choose Your Pulse Oximeter Options

  • Fiber Optic Sensors PureLight® Adult/Pediatric fiber optic sensor with 20’or 30′ sensor cable
    PureLight® Infant/Pediatric fiber optic sensor with 20′ or 30′ sensor cable
  • Carrying Case Convenient for transport and storage
  • Pole Mount System Provides secure monitor placement
  • Data Management Software Compatible with nVISION® data software
  • Output Options nVISION Data Management Software for pulse oximetry screening

For more information on Pulse Oximeters please visit the Nonin Medical website.


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