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InTouch Health’s innovative suite of remote presence devices allows physicians to easily perform real-time consults with patients and other physicians and healthcare providers using secure Control Station interfaces supported by an industry leading, cloud-based SureCONNECT® network infrastructure. The Controls Station user interfaces are available on any standard PC or iPad® Tablet allowing physicians to remotely perform consults from a single port.

In addition to developing and manufacturing category defining remote presence devices, InTouch Health also provides clinical software applications and collaboration tools that easily integrate with the hospital network. Tools such as StrokeRespond®, SurePACS, and SureCONNECT® support the physician to support clinical performance via a remote connection.


  • RP-VITA® represents an entirely new class of telemedicine
  • Improve access to specialised care while optimising resource utilisation
  • Its autonomous capabilities eliminate telemedicine-specific staffing and support requirements.
  • Its unprecedented usability, mobility and reliability encourage physician adoption across multiple service lines.
  • Designed to satisfy the growing demand for services like TeleStroke, TeleICU and Multi-Specialty care delivery
  • Upgradable platform and autonomous ability allow the addition of new clinical capabilities and applications well into the future

The RP-Lite® provides:

  • A convenient, cost-effective moveable platform for delivering state-of-the-art Remote Presence capabilities across a broad array of locations
  • Lightweight, sturdy construction facilitates safe and easy movement by staff
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera system optimises viewing of patients and others
  • Immersive, directional audio modes improve clarity in hospital settings
  • Accessories include a stethoscope kit, privacy headset and composite video port

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