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Vacuklav 31 B+ 18L


Stand Alone Unit

  • The marathon runner – Endurance through reliability.
  • This all-rounder is characterised by its patented air-cooling of the vacuum pump, the renown reliability and the ease of use.
  • At the same time the Vacuklav 31 B + is an innovative concept with fast operating times, easy documentation and safety.
  • The integrated monitoring of the water and the electronic control of 31 B + Vacuklav prevent operator error and ensure the high quality of sterilization and the maximum protection of your instruments.
  • In the compact sterilization chamber (depth 35 cm, volume 18 litres) allows up to 5 kg of sterilized instruments on 5 trays.


Vacuklav 30 B+ 18L


Mains water connection – Powerful and reliable

  • The powerful, water-cooled vacuum pump ensures the success of sterilization and the optimal drying of up to 5 kg instruments in continuous operation.
  • The connection to the water inlet of the autoclave as easy as connecting a washing machine!
  • Appreciated in GP & Dental clinics for its proven reliability, the simple operating concept and the various possibilities for loading, the Vacuklav 30 B + is compact (35 cm depth, volume 18 liters) and yet it can load up to five trays or three cassettes.
  • The integrated monitoring of the water quality is another important advantage, as poor water quality can cause damage to instruments and incur higher costs.


Vacuklav 23 B+ 22L


Stand Alone Unit

  • Plenty of space for all your instruments.
  • With the same technical features as the Vacuklav 31 B +, the class ìBî Vacuklav 23 B + has more usable interior space, because it has a 10cm deeper chamber (45 cm, 22 litres volume) . This allows additional capacity and will accommodate longer instruments.
  • Thanks to its patented air-cooling system, the Vacuklav 23 B + is a real “stand alone” ñ autoclave with a standard single power socket required.
  • The powerful vacuum pump and powerful steam generator ensures short cycle times. The ìQuick Bî cycle permits packed hollow instruments to be sterilized and removed dry in just 30 minutes.
  • The integrated monitoring of the water and the electronic control of 23 B + Vacuklav prevent operator error and ensure the high quality of sterilization and maximum protection.


Vacuklav 24 B+ 22L


Mains Water Connection

Reliable and more space

  • The Vacuklav 24 B + is the reliable “Class B” – autoclave, the deeper interior, with its 10cm deeper chamber ( 45 cm, volume 22 litres) provides more space especially for larger clinics with instrument sets.
  • Like the Vacuklav 30 B +, the Vacuklav 24 B + has a powerful water-cooled vacuum pump and is therefore particularly suitable for clinics that intend to perform several consecutive sterilization cycles.
  • No major installation work is required since the mains water connection is as easy as connecting a washing machine.
  • The versatility of the documentation, easy operation and high reliability of the Vacuklav 24B + will be appreciated by all users.

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